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hi everyone,

My name is ______________ what sense of saying it because I don't want to revel it ever. I'm 19 years old almost 20 I feel like an old person already. I go to mass comm now use to go to mass art but changed majors i want be a full pledge webdesigner. I'm going soon be opening a company called atomic-designers and premining the online mag called acidpop. So if you are a writer and like to contribute please don't hesitate to write me email at Swingdivas I'm open to many asspect of writing so throw me your best article and well find a place for it.

There nothing much else for me to say hobbies: I try go out and i'm shopalholic since I like buying cloths from abecrombie and fitch great place. well gotta go keep swinging ok

watchme.gif - 9.32 K bye for now all you cool cats.

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