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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is a band who orginated the from Ventura, Ca. The band was started by Kurt Sodergen and Scotty Morris, the band name came from when Scotty went to a small club and heard his favorite guitarist played Albert Collins. After the show, scotty ran over to the wall ripped a poster, and asked Mr. Collins to sign it. Mr. Collins wrote to scotty the big bad voodoo daddy. After that kurt asked scotty what do want to call the band the big bad voodoo daddy. After that the boys started the local circut, then go their break on the movie swingers. And the rest is history

scott3.JPG - 7.28 K Scott Moriss( guitar, vocals)

dirk.JPG - 6.31 K Dirk Shumaker: (String Bass, vocals)

karl.JPG - 13.08 K Karl Hunter(best tenior saxs player in the world,vocal)

kurt.JPG - 11.26 KKurt Sodergen(drummer)

andy.JPG - 10.34 KAndy Rowely(sax, vocal)

josh.JPG - 7.48 KJoshua Levy(Josh the pianolist, vocal, also he does a great solo with his feet)

kid.JPG - 5.29 KGlen "the kid" Marhevia (greatest trumpetest to live)

group1.JPG - 20.29 Kgood bye till next time

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