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So Long good bye

Scotty: So long my friend farewell goodbye, I love to stay play and sing for a while but it's time

to hit the road, and say so long fare well, bye bye

Andy: Good bye to my friends I was glad that you were here, it's time for us to get another beer

But I like to see your smilin faces again, so good bye my friends bye bye

Dirk: thank you for the open inventation were kinda lost in your admulation, but look at the time and we got to fly, so long fare well baby bye bye.

Kid: Hey there now friends it's time to go, butwe'll return to do another show Scotty that's right Kid: when we come back drop in and say hi, so long fare well bye bye

Dirk: give me a smile and warm embrace , packed that old suit case I hear the whistle blow

and now the track. I can't say for sure when we are coming back, so long fare well bye bye

and now were leavin with tears in ours eyes. we'll be back soon so don't you cry, so long

fare well bye bye.

Chorus(so long farewell, bye bye)